The Warcross Series

Set in the near future, where a game called Warcross has taken the world by storm, Warcross tells the story of Emika Chen, an eighteen-year old bounty hunter struggling to get by in New York City. When Hideo Tanaka, the enigmatic young billionaire creator of Warcross, suddenly contacts her one day with an offer she can't turn down, she's whisked away into a world beyond her wildest dreams. But every dream has a price. Can she survive the dangerous path this hunt will take her?

The Young Elites Series

Set in a sweeping fantasy world where some survivors of a deadly disease come out of it with fearsome powers, The Young Elites tells the story of a girl named Adelina who spirals into darkness and vengeance after she discovers her own abilities. How does a person turn evil? And can a villain ever find her way back to the light again?

The Legend Series

In a violent, futuristic, half-flooded Los Angeles governed by martial law, fifteen year old Day lives on the streets as the country's most wanted criminal. When a murder forces him to cross paths with June--a wealthy, brilliant fifteen year old girl loyal to the state--the two are thrown into direct opposition and combat. But are they truly meant to be enemies? Or is there more to their society than meets the eye?